here's my gripe…

ok, i guess i’m still a little pissed…

you know, i’ve been thinking, if elizabeth warren can claim native american status, why can’t i? my dad has always said that my mom’s mom must be native american because he remembers, when he was a kid, some guy who was “indian” that had the same last name as my grandma’s maiden name. and my grandma had high cheekbones! apparently, i don’t have to have any proof, i just have to “believe” it’s true, right? now where’s my free shit?



I swear, I don’t know what is wrong with people. We have one of the most corrupt administrations ever, and we’re supposed to be outraged over binders?

Over 3000 Mexicans have been murdered because of Fast & Furious, but Big Bird!

Our ambassador in Libya was murdered on the anniversary of 9/11, our inalienable right to free speech is in jeopardy because it might hurt people’s precious, precious little feelings, but pay for my birth control!

Idiots are dressing up as labia, muppets and binders, but oh my god, one of those teabaggers dressed like a founding father for a rally! They’re so stoooopid!

And what I don’t get is, I know people who think this way. I used to respect them, too. I used to think they were intelligent. But they’ve shown, in the last few months, a total lack of awareness of the big picture. Or of even a modicum of critical thinking. All of which really surprises and disappoints me to no end.

And I will tell you, I wasn’t thrilled with the choice of Romney as the republican candidate, but now I can not wait to see him win with an “unprecedented” landslide. The head explosions on Facebook will be utterly entertaining. I may take the few people I’ve put on “ignore” back in my timeline so I can enjoy their public breakdown. I know, its terrible of me to admit such a thing. Oh well…

So please, lefties, continue screeching about kids’ shows and office supplies. It’s totally working.


they can’t be serious

ok, how did this guy become president? how did so many people, me included, get hoodwinked in 2008? i hear about the scary, scary “chicago machine” and i hear how obama is so smart smarty-smart smart and then i keep seeing things like this:
donate to obama instead of getting wedding gifts!
skip pizza night for obama!
sell your old crap for obama!
seriously? and even in this video they can’t hide that they want to take stuff that isn’t theirs and give it to someone else.
isn’t this my 9 iron?
i didn’t think you’d miss it.


i am resolved

like many people, i was shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely death of andrew breitbart. i was not fortunate enough to have ever met him, but i certainly admired and respected his work for the conservative movement.

while it would be easy to sit and feel despondent over the loss of a true champion of america and her people, we must all come together and take up his mantle and fight twice as hard for our country, our values, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. let the name andrew breitbart be our rallying cry.

the left is hoping that we will become demoralized by his death. we must become more resolved. we must become more brave. we must stand up for what it right the way that breitbart did. let’s honor his memory the best way we can: by not turning away from the left’s hatred but by taking it head-on and not backing down. if we believe in liberty and the founding principles of this country, we must continue shining a bright light on the progressive agenda.

let breitbart’s memory live on in us all.


who is “dr.” elijah abbott jones?

if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to get pretty bored with the whole occupy movement. *yawn* a bunch of spoiled college kids that don’t want to pay back their student loans. yeah, i know, seiu and cair and whoever are joining in to try to co-opt the movement, blah, blah, whatever. but still, boring!

and everybody and their brother is interviewing these idiots to point out they’re, well, idiots.  but then i heard about dr. elijah abbott jones. i only watched up to about the 3:03 mark because they moved on to boring people.

is it just me or is he totally bullshitting these people? he can’t really believe in the whole occupy movement, can he? because that looked like he was having way too much fun totally at occupy atlanta’s expense.

this got me to wondering, who exactly is “dr.” elijah abbott jones? is he a bored actor looking to get some exposure? some guy that made a bet with his buddies that he could make the occupiers look like tools? a morning dj that wanted to punk the protesters for the listening enjoyment of his audience? i had to find out.

the first thing i found was a blog he wrote for the american friends service committee/atlanta. seems pretty straight forward and legit which makes the hilariousness of the video confusing. if he truly believes this crap, why does he come off like such a wack job?

i continued searching, thinking i might find something on facebook. bingo! looking at the photos, the lead singer of the constellations looks like our good doctor. here is their official website and their twitter account. but it still doesn’t really answer my question: is he serious or is he just bullshitting these people? whatever the answer, it sure was entertaining.


what is with the callers on rush this week?

What is with the callers on rush this week? I mean, are they for real or are they lefty cranks? The last thing we need is rush endorsing one of the candidates. Can’t we think for ourselves? Hasn’t the left constantly accused conservatives/classical liberals/the tea party of taking our marching orders from people like rush limbaugh? Why in the world would he open himself up that way so the lefties could say, “see! We have proof! “

Gah! If you’re a true conservative and your fingers get itchy to call up rush’s show, or any conservative radio host, and ask them to back a gop candidate, stop. Think about the consequences. this is the way the left works, it should not be the way we work on the right.


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