here's my gripe…


Butter chardonnay: a review

Let’s just cut to the chase. If you’re thinking this is going to taste like butter, you’re taking the name too literally. It is, however, creamy tasting. If you like chardonnay and cream soda, you’ll probably like this. I think it would go equally great with either some lemony baked fish or peach cobbler.



What? You’ve never had cereal for dessert?

Not very imaginative, but we decided to try some of the mulberries tonight for dessert.

I picked some more tonight as I found another bunch of them growing along our side fence, coming from our neighbor’s yard. And I think I’ve figured out why we haven’t noticed them before. About a month or so ago, Mark cut back a whole bunch of branches from the back tree-thing and the stuff growing at the side fence. I guess it was enough to get the fruit to appear.

Now I’m going to have to figure out what to do with it…


I love coffee

Coffee. Supposedly.

I love coffee. I started drinking it in college to help me get through study sessions and exams. I basically started at Folgers instant with a couple spoonfuls of a flavored Coffeemate but after *mumble mumble* years I eventually graduated to better coffee. Which isn’t to say I can’t drink instant anymore. Just not Folgers.

Anyway, I’m a member of a keto subscription box service. Every month we receive a box full of keto goodies. Usually snacks. Sometimes seasonings, since sometimes regular seasoning packets can contain sugar. We’ve also received single serve coffees. Our May box had two packets of this Golden Ratio coffee. It comes in little sachets like tea.

How can I describe this coffee? Hmmm… Let me put it this way: it kind of reminds me of early in my marriage when my husband and I were very poor and struggling. We were trying to make things stretch as much as possible and we would reuse coffee grounds. Golden Ratio tastes like reused coffee grounds. From a fourth brewing.

But it’s still better than Maxwell House! 🤪


Facebook is no longer fun

I don’t know why I keep trying. Most of my friends have either fled Facebook or are hardly ever on. It’s lonely and boring on there now. I have tried twice to post, what I thought, were amusing posts about my cooking mishaps on one of the cooking related groups I am in. 😒

Fifteen years ago, you could post stupid stuff you did, someone would come and laugh at you and call you a dumb ass, and then everybody would go on their way. But can’t do that now! No, they have to be all serious and explain to you like you’re 3 that cauliflower flour is for baking with, you have to use fresh cauliflower for mashed cauliflower. Thank you, Ms. Stick-up-her-butt, for explaining this to me and ruining a perfectly good joke post with your “helpfulness!” It’s people like you that ruin the internet for the rest of us! 😤