here's my gripe…

>the problem with blogging

>it always starts off so promising. you decide to share snippets of your life online because why the hell not? it’s not like anyone is going to read it, right?

so you post all kinds of crap about yourself and everything’s fine and then you notice that people have visited your page. “cool!” you think.

then people not only stop by, but they start to comment. “great!” and you go visit them and friendships are formed. excellent. and you have a great time. this is the most fun you’ve ever had.

then the company that hosted your blogging platform decides that they don’t want to do it anymore and you and all your friends scramble to find somewhere else to blog. you find someplace that seems similar but has a few more bells and whistles. whoo! and everybody’s happy.

except not everybody is happy. a few friends try it out and they don’t like the new blogging platform. and they leave. and you’re sad because they’re not there anymore. sure, they find someplace else to blog and you still go visit them and still keep in touch, but everybody isn’t in the same place anymore.

and there’s that other thing. cause now you can see who’s reading your blog. you can actually see strangers stopping by. and, whoa, hey, a couple of your friends haven’t stopped by. you wonder why. it doesn’t matter. except that you find yourself still bothered by it. you go visit their blogs whenever they have a new post. have you gotten boring? are you complaining too much? maybe they don’t like you as much as you thought.

you’re being silly, of course. people get busy. hey, your other friend commented! what? geez, that sounded kind of snotty. what the hell? are you supposed to take that as a joke? and you argue with yourself about it for a while. you close the blog post because your feelings are hurt. then you think, “ok, i guess it was just a joke. i don’t want to start something because then i’ll feel silly.” and then a couple days later that person unfriends you. without saying anything about it to you first.

then you find yourself getting more and more thin-skinned, wondering about every comment made to you. and then pretty soon you just don’t want to blog anymore because you’re constantly close to tears over everything. and you know if you say anything that you’ll be the jerk who’s being overly sensitive. take a joke, for crap’s sake! except you don’t feel like it. and you retreat away from your blog and find other things to do. you only keep in touch with a very few people you trust. and you wonder, “should i even bother with this anymore?”

so, yeah. *sigh*