here's my gripe…


Life sucks when there’s no coffee

Last summer, otherwise known as “The Upheaval,” we bought a small espresso maker at the thrift store. It was such a find! Smaller than the behemoth we were using before, better layout, stronger steam. It was practically perfect. So, of course, I broke it this past week when I forgot to put the cap back on the water well. It boiled over and now it won’t brew coffee. At first the steam nozzle would still work, but now that is effed up, too.


It’s amazing how a little thing like that can ruin…everything. We pulled the behemoth out of the garage and this is day two of trying to clean it out. I don’t know what the hell has happened to it, but I can’t get the water to run clear and now I’m wondering how long we were drinking sediment coffee when we were using this machine everyday. *gag*

I guess if the worst thing going on in your life is not being able to make coffee, things are pretty good. But I still feel like crying right now.