here's my gripe…


All the world is waiting for you!

Ever mention something offhand, forget about it, and then have it come back to torment you mercilessly?


I don’t remember the whys or wherefores, but I apparently made mention that I used to watch “Wonder Woman” when I was a kid. And I made the mistake of saying this in front of my kids. A couple weeks ago G says, “hey, mom, remember this?”

This is all I’ve heard ever since. I wake up singing this damn song almost every morning. It runs through my brain every night.

And just to add to the horror, G asks me things like, “what happened to the Nazi in season 2 episode 1? Did he ever come back?” Like I have every episode catalogued in my brain since I was 7 years old, or however old I was when the show was on.

I knew I should have blocked youtube when he got a computer.