here's my gripe…


What the hell is this shit, Facebook marketplace?

Its Black Friday and Facebook is giving everybody, I assume, $10 off crap being sold in their marketplace. Whoop. I cant imagine ever wanting to buy anything in there, but I thought I’d go check it out because I’m awake at 4:45 am and I’m bored.


I cant believe these things are still being sold. Ew.

Don’t blink.

Is this porn? Are they selling porn on Facebook marketplace? Ewww…

What. The. Actual. Hell?

I think I’m going to go have a cup of coffee and eat a piece of pie and pretend I never saw any of this.


I’m not ready!

I’m not emotionally prepared for Thursday to be Thanksgiving. It still feels like Halloween was just the other day and I’d have more time to psyche myself up for this.

But no. It doesn’t help that I (still) don’t have a working oven. Or that I seem to have the attention span of a gnat.

Supposedly, my sister and her husband will be in town some time tomorrow. We’ll see if that actually happens this year. If so, maybe that will kick my butt into gear and make me get something done.

Stupid not winning the lottery…


A local brewery got together with a local chocolate shop to create a special Christmas brew. In theory, this should have been awesome, but Mark and I think it is some of the most disgusting beer, EVAR.

It looks like we are in the minority with that opinion, but really, it is so gross you can’t even imagine. I don’t know what it is about it, I’m guessing it’s the vanilla flavoring. Just yuck. Yuckity yuck. 



I have a set of coffee and soup mugs with this pattern on them.

There is no markings on the bottom of any of them to denote who made them or when. They belonged to my parents, who have had them for as long as I can remember.

One of the mugs has a long crack on the inside of the mug. My mom had placed a cutting from one of her house plants in it, but I managed to kill it after she passed away. 😦

I tried doing one of those image searches with the above photo to see if I could find anything out about it, but there was nothing that looked even remotely like it. It’s very 70s looking, isn’t it. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

I hear there are still paint-your-own-pottery places, but I don’t know where. That would probably be my only way to ever get a replacement for the cracked mug.



Random questions and observations

1. Why is my son watching The Facts of Life? And why did I watch it when it was originally on? 😝

2. Why does my phone keep wanting to capitalize the word right before a question Mark?

3. Am I ever going to get my life back? My dad sometimes talks of living to 122. Rounding up, that’s 25 more years. 😖

4. My sisters better be preparing to take over for me whether they want to or not.

5. Poop. That’s all I’m going to say.

6. Who wants to come over and wash the dishes for me?

7. I go to the grocery store almost every day.

I guess that’s it for now…


Dear Mom

Happy birthday. I miss you.

I had thought that there would be so much more that I would want to say, but now I can’t find the words.

The past few months have been awful. I still wish it were all just a bad dream and I’d wake up and you’d still be here. I just can’t get my head around the fact that you’re gone.

I’m sorry I’m letting you down so spectacularly. I’m letting everybody down. I can’t seem to just do what I have to do and handle everything. I’m sorry. I know I’m doing everything wrong. If it were possible to just stay in room all day, every day, I would. 

Today is your birthday, and I haven’t talked to Dad about it at all. I think he might have been thinking about it last week, but it’s hard to tell. I don’t talk about you with him that much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m worried it will upset him or because I’m worried that it will upset me. I don’t want him to see me lose it.

I love you, Mom. I’m sorry I failed you.