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Post-Christmas rundown


1) I haven’t changed out of my pajamas for two days.

2) There are two positives to winter: a) no bugs; b) it’s cold enough outside that you can stick your leftovers in your car because you dont have enough room in your stupid fridge.

3) I’ve had ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ stuck in my head for three days. All the moral outrage over the song has only kept it alive in everyone’s heads. Thanks a lot, SJWs!

4) We heard about a new bakery in our old neighborhood a week before Christmas. Their pies are awesome, but it was too late to order any for Christmas. Whole Foods pies have been a complete letdown, in comparison.

5) Netflix needs to add some more GBBO already. I’ve watched what they have so many times I can almost recite it the way other people recite movie lines.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Author: kerry

meh. also, coffee.

7 thoughts on “Post-Christmas rundown

  1. Two days in pajamas sounds pretty good right about now!

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  2. I actually had to get dressed and go to the store today. 😒